TGV-RT30 Reusable Throttleable Rocket Engine


Demonstrated Deep Throttle Capability from a LOx/Kerosene Engine






Sea Level Thrust 

Vacuum Thrust    

Vacuum Isp         

Thrust to Weight  

Throttle Range   

Design Life         




JP-8/Liquid Oxygen          

29,500 lbf 

35,500 lbf    

275 sec         


> 10:1   

> 100 starts  






TGVŐs Reusable Throttleable Rocket Engine 30,000 lbs (RT30) represents a significant advance in rocket propulsion capability for reusable flight vehicles.  With a demonstrated wide throttling range of over 10:1, operation on military-standard jet fuel, and a design for low maintenance and long life, the RT30 is the ideal powerplant for operationally responsive space lift.

The RT30 has completed a full set of test firings, demonstrating reliable ignition and smooth operation across a wide design thrust range.